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Security Configuration for Teams

  Published on November 2, 2016 ·  8 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

Typically if it does not matter if team member’s can view the work of other teams or maybe they even work across teams which is usually the case, then having Contributor access at the TFS Project is all that is needed and desired. However, there may be those situations where you find that you need to guard data from each team so that the other teams cannot see the source or the work items of the other team and yet be within the same TFS Project so that we can get good cross team reporting that makes sense....

My New 3 Rules for Releases

  Published on September 23, 2016 ·  9 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

Everyone of my products have an automated build and a properly managed release pipeline. At the time I just thought business as usual as I was always on my way to having a well performing DevOps operation in my personal development efforts. Well something happened in the way that I started approaching things which you don’t really plan, things will just start to happen when you get into a situation where everything is automated or at least they should and that is what this post is about....

My Experience with Git Sub-modules

  Published on September 12, 2016 ·  5 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

I just replaced my phone with a new Microsoft Lumina 950 XL which is a great phone. In my usual fashion of checking out the new features of my phone I wanted to see how my web sites looked. The operating system of this phone is the Mobil version of Windows 10 and of course is using the new browser called Edge. Well it seems that my blog did not look good at all on this new platform and was in fact not even close to being workable....

Some MSDeploy Tricks I have Learned

  Published on August 3, 2016 ·  5 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

In an earlier post I talked about Hexo the tool I use for this Blog. In that post I talked about how delighted I was with this process except for one thing that did bother me and that was the deployment to the Azure website. For this process I was using FTP to push the files from the public folder to Azure. Instead I was hoping for an MSDeploy solution but that is harder than it sounds especially when you are really not using a Visual Studio Project and MSBuild to create the application....

How I Use Chocolatey in my Releases

  Published on June 10, 2016 ·  13 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

I have been using Chocolatey for a while as an ultra easy way to install software. It has become the prefered way to install tools and utilities from the open source community. Recently I have started to explore this technology in more depth just to learn more about Chocolatey and found some really great uses for it that I did not expect to find. This post is about that adventure and how and what I use Chocolatey for....