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The Power of Time Tracking

  Published on June 21, 2008 ·  7 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

I love to keep track of time. It could be related to my love of data and all the information that I can extract from it: how much fuel does my car use, how much time do I spend on stuff each week, how many hours am I away from my family. Actually my attraction to time tracking goes much deeper than that. I never planned to start my own business when I made the career change into software development so many years ago....

No no he is not DEAD! He is resting!

  Published on June 21, 2008 ·  5 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

Just in case you did not get the Monty Python reference here is a cartoon courtesy of Blaugh which gets right to the point. I have been away from writing anything for my web site for a very, very, long time. Where have I been? Where do I begin? I have been quite busy developing software for a number of clients that I cannot name because of none disclosure clauses in my contracts.... or

  Published on June 21, 2008 ·  10 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

Starting from the Beginning I have been a Visual Basic developer for over ten years now. It was not my first language that got me excited about programming. No, that would have been Clipper. I accidentally fell into Clipper much the same way that Visual Basic started as an experiment for me. It was sometime around 1987 or 1988 when I was working as the accountant and network administrator for my family’s car dealership....

What is The Web We Weave?

  Published on June 14, 2008 ·  9 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

A little more than a year ago, Mary and I had a discussion about the many projects that we both have had in the backs of our minds and would like to make a reality. We thought a corporation would be good in that it could provide us with the legal entity and a single structure in which we could register our copyrights and trademarks. It might also provide us with some tax relief and if things went well, could very well represent a major part of our future....