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Getting Badges to Update on GitHub Pages

  Published on July 6, 2021 ·  11 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

A while back I was looking for a solution that would give me a better picture when it came to deployments and releases then what I was getting from Jenkins. Jenkins may be the most popular CI build orchestrator in the world but lacks in the area of deployments. There are different needs when it comes to deployments and releases that are quite different then what you want from a CI tool....

Posting a Release on an Asana Calendar

  Published on March 21, 2021 ·  9 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

One thing that I like to do is to have a Calendar that shows all the versions that I have released to Production. I don’t have a whole lot of programs that I maintain but there is enough of a variety that I do switch around to the various bug fixes and new features and it would be really cool to see them all on a Single Calendar. This way I can be sure that features and fixes are getting out there and my stakeholders can also be aware of this information....

Testing a Docker Image as part of a Jenkins Pipeline

  Published on January 15, 2021 ·  9 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

One of the things that I have wanted to do is to test the structure of a docker image that I have just built. This should come right after the build stage so that if the structure is not what I expected, it would fail the build so that I don’t have a bunch of broken images sitting in my docker registry. I guess that this happens because I am using a docker image to build my project and the result of that output is copied into a clean docker image that will be my final image that can then be run as a docker container....

Santa Sleeps During the Day

  Published on December 31, 2020 ·  2 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

This blog is usually about technology and projects that I am working on or helping customers. This being that it is December and many of us having been working from home for the past 9 months I thought I would lighten things up. I want to talk about something that strikes me as pretty funny. I go on a walk every morning around 6:30 or 7:00 and have noticed some things in my neighborhood that strike me as a little funny....

My Roadmap for 2021

  Published on November 30, 2020 ·  6 min read ·   Author: Donald L. Schulz

For my next couple of blog posts I thought I would try something a little bit different then what you might usually see on these pages. Today I am going to talk about 2021, the topics that interest me right now and what you could be expecting to see in the coming months. The year 2020 has certainly been an interesting one for many. This was a massive change for a number of businesses where they were forced to rethink the way they were doing business....